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Yaounde town
Douala town
Bafoussam town
Others towns of Cameroon
Yaoundé Town

We have identified 367 youth associations in Yaoundé. But there could be more associations. We have taken into consideration only those of associations which have a legal existence.
We have selected 15 leading associations in Yaoundé. The selection criteria were based on the existence of a head office for the association and the activities carried out during the two last years. These associations are to be considered as good example of dynamic youth movements in Yaoundé.

Douala Town

We hope that in the nearest future, we will extend our activities in the city of Douala.

Bafoussam Town

After Douala we plan to extend our activities to Bafoussam.

Other towns of Cameroon

We eventually hope to expand our activities throughout the whole country.

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