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The Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (MINEFOP)

That ministry has put in place a programme entitled: Integrated Support Project to Actors of Informal Sector (PIIASI) which aimed at financing people and civil society organisations who work in the informal sector in Cameroon. The financing that goes from Cfa 100 000 to
1 500 000 is refundable as from the twelfth month after obtaining the credit and lasts the following 15 months.

To benefit from that support of PIIASI the applicants should get closed to the MINEFOP nearest administrative unit delegation where they intend to carry out the project. They would there have more information about the project.

For more information, contact the Minefop delegation or the Centre Region Technical Secretariat at (+237) 22 20 32 58.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs (MINJEUN)

The Ministry of Youth Affairs has put in place a programme entitled: Rural and Urban Support Programme (PAJER-U) which aim is to promote social and economic insertion of young non scholars Cameroonians aged between 15 and 35 years.

To benefit from that financial support, young people and individuals forming association or Common Initiative Groups are called upon to register at the nearest administrative unit where they wish to start their project.

The PAJER-U programme has many components:

  • Mobilisation and training
  • Support to entrepreneurship and employment
  • Financing
  • Close Support
  • Strategies identification
  • Programme Coordination

For more information, get close to the nearest administrative unit of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, PAJER-U / Department of Youth economic promotion: (+237) 22 22 28 52

Email: pajer-u@cooperation.net


The project of social and economic integration of youth through the creation of sport material manufacture medium size enterprises (PIFMAS) is a programme of the Youth Affairs Ministry which main objective is to assure the social and economic integration of young people aged between 15 and 35 living in towns and shantytown of Cameroon through the manufacture and the sale of sport materials.

To benefit from PIFMAS programme, scholars, non-scholars and other graduated or not graduated young should register at the regional antennae of the project located in different delegations of the Ministry of Youth Affairs. One should note that the PIFMAS is only available in four regions of Cameroon (Adamawa, Far North, North, and North-West) even if its ambition is to cover the whole country.

For more information, get to the closest Ministry of Youth Affairs regional or divisional delegation or call PIFMAS s/c Division of youth socio-economic promotion:
Phone N° (+237) 22 22 28 52

E mail: pifmas@cooperation.net

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER)

Agriculture provides the most important opportunities in terms of wealth creation and massive employment in Cameroon but also assures the food self sufficiency. That is why the Minader has put in place an ambitious agricultural policy shared out in many programmes whose aims are to support people willing to really undertake in agriculture.

Amongst these programme we have:

1. The Agriculture Youth Insertion Support Programme

The PAIIJA is a part of the Cameroon Poverty Reduction Strategic Document (DSRP) and aims at supporting and settle 15 000 young farmers per year up to 2015.

The global objective of PAIIJA is to contribute to the rejuvenation and the modernisation of agriculture but also the reduction of unemployment amongst youth. Beneficiaries are young Cameroonians isolated or forming groups who can have land that they can exploit with possibility of extension but who don’t have enough means to start their business.

To benefit from the PAIIJA, you must be aged between 18 and 40, be Cameroonian, have a land exploitation title and present a reliable and viable micro project.

PAIIJA support with booth financing and reinforcement of beneficiaries capacities.

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at: (+237) 99 55 68 15.

2. Plantain Relaunch Programme (PRFP)

This Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development programme aims at reducing the plantain deficit observed on various national and sub regional markets. To be practical and operational, the project has to put in place professional nursery gardeners networks, a support to farmers interested by the creation of farms of 0,5 to 1 hectare of plantain.

The support is made of plantains young plants, insecticides, direct subventions to nursery gardeners, training in plants multiplication techniques allocated to individuals and common initiative groups.

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at:
(+237) 77 32 83 38/ 22 00 63 28

3- National Programme of Tubercle and Roots Development

The general objective of this programme is to improve the food security and increase rural population income through the promotion of roots and tubercles. Beneficiaries are mostly rural organisations and farmers. The supports are made of agricultural inputs, the training on reinforcing capacities, technical advices for production, commercialisation, and transformation.

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at:
(+237) 77 95 55 51/ 99 91 73 95

4. National Maize Support Programme (PNAFM)

The maize programme aims at improving maize production and the global income of producers. It intends to train farmers and settle professional maize seeds nursery gardeners and also to increase the income of the farmers’ organisations members. The supports are made of agricultural equipments, basic seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, seeds multipliers and above all technical assistance to farmers’ organisations.

5. Cocoa /Coffee Seed Programme (PSCC)

The CCSP is a programme in charge of producing selected cocoa and coffee (Arabica and Robusta). The objective of the programme is to contribute to the regulation and the extension of cocoa and coffee farms in Cameroon. The beneficiaries of the programme are producers’ organisations particularly groups of young farmers and women who want to settle as professional of the cocoa and coffee sector.

Seeds produced and distributed by the CCSP are high yielding up to 5 to 10 times better than those derived from the “wild” seeds.

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at:
(+ 237) 22 21 23 86/77 73 76 33.

6. Potato Relaunch Programme

The programme is put in place in the west highlands region and its objective is to revive the production, the transformation and the commercialisation of potato. Beneficiaries are CIG members, sellers and transformers…

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at: (+237) 75 24 16 13

7. Mushrooms Development Programme (MDP)

The programme is aimed at developing the production of mushrooms so as to make it a good and productive income generating activity.

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at: (+237) 77 67 12 66.

8. Tobacco Relaunch Production Programme

This programme is financed by Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) and ran by tobacco farmers’ federation and other crops producers in Cameroon. Its objective is to improve the living conditions of populations of tobacco production zones of East Cameroon.

Supports allocated to beneficiaries are mainly inputs, agricultural tools, support for oven building, support for tobacco research and commercialisation…

For more information, contact the Programme Coordinator at: (+237) 77 71 95 86.

To benefit from all those Minader programmes, the applicants should just go to the nearest administrative unit delegation of the ministry or call the Agriculture Development Department in Yaoundé: (+237) 22 22 16 00.

The Ministry of Fishing, Livestock and Animal Industries (MINEPIA)

That ministry has put in place many programmes to support Common Initiative Groups working in the rearing sector.

Amongst them, you have the “Swain Development Programme” that offers training to swain breeders, young pigs, food and health care such as vaccines, financing.

Other small livestock breeders (guinea pig, hedgehog, rat, calf…) are also supported through other MINEPIA programmes.

For more information, get to Minepia closest delegation contact the Programme Coordinator at: 74 55 46 64 Centre Region Secretariat.


Community Development Support Project is a part of programme named National Programme of Participative Development (PNDP) financed by financial backer. Such as FIDA, GTZ, AFD, ADB.

PACD finances technical support to organised producers (CIG, EIG, Cooperatives…) in terms of market study and market feasibility. It supports producing initiatives of disadvantaged or poorest groups by helping them to have access to formal bank system, the elaboration of loans files, management specialised technical expertise…

The PADC finances the realisation of micro infrastructures in the domains of education, health, drinkable water, rural roads identified in the village development plan.

For more information, contact the Programme coordinator: (237) 22 21 42 08

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