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Pasoc is the “Civil Society Structuring Programme” in Cameroon. It is financed by the European Union through a financial agreement signed on the February 20th and March 29th 2007 between the Republic of Cameroon and the European Commission. The main objective of Pasoc to “assure the total and full participation and contribution of non state actors in the definition, planning, implementation, assessment and follow up of national social and economic development policy in the fight against poverty”. Other specific objective is the institutional reinforcement of the civil society through the development technical and management capacities and the improvement of the civil society administration”.

For more information click on www.pasoc-cameroun.org


DED is the German Development Agency in Cameroon. It is a public utility well known
civil organisation financed by the German federal budget. DED is part of the German cooperation closely working with the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and German Development Bank (KfW).
DED advises and supports its partners which are governmental institutions, councils or non governmental organisations. Its commitment is focused on partnership, participation and closeness of beneficiaries and the support to structural processes of basic changes.
DED is present in Cameroon since 1965 and is involved in prior sectors defined by the Cameroon government in accordance with the German government.

For more information click on: kamerun.ded.de

German Federal Republic Embassy in Cameroon

The German federal republic embassy intervenes in various domains of cooperation with Cameroon such as supporting the civil society organisations with a great part to CIG’s micro projects financing.

For more information click on: www.jaunde.diplo.de


The European Commission Delegation mission is to represent the commission in Cameroon. The ECD is in charge of the follow up of European Union policy in all sectors of activities. Within the framework of European Development Fund (EDF) stem from the Cotonou agreements (ACP-EU), the ECD in Cameroon regularly launches tender for the financing of projects presented by non state actors of the civil society.

For more information click on: www.delcmr.ec.europa.eu

The Britain High Commission

The Britain high Commission in Cameroon promotes Britain interests in Cameroon and sub region. It works to make sure that internationally accepted norms are respected in the domains of democracy, good governance and respect of human rights. The Britain High Commission also supports the civil society organisations by financing projects focused on governance, human rights and climate changes.

For more information click on: www.ukincameroon.fco.gov.uk


SNV is the Netherlands development Agency. It is present and working in many domains such as natural resources management, local governance, reinforcement of civil society organisations and support to private sector development. SNV supports reinforcement plans notably in the following domains: domestic waste management, associative life, financial management, setting of micro projects, gender audit…

For more information send a mail at: cameroon@snvworld.org


United Nations Development Programme is a worldwide network for development that advocates changes and makes easy relationship between countries, their access to knowledge, experiences and resources in order to support them in their efforts in building a better world. UNDP supports Cameroon government efforts in various domains such as that of poverty. IT is in that regard that there is a subprogram on basic poverty alleviation with fund for the financing of productive community micro projects.

For more information click on: www.cm.undp.org


The US Embassy in Cameroon has large scale cooperation in the country. The US Embassy carries out the “Self Help Programme” which provides financial assistance to small projects of communities and held by civil society organisations in three domains: water supply and health system, social services, social assistance.

For more information click on: yaounde.usembassy.gov>

Japan Embassy in Cameroon

The Japan embassy has a diversified cooperation with Cameroon. Since 1995, the Japan embassy has put in place a subvention to financially assist legal organised groups which undertake social projects in rural areas. That subvention fund has helped for the construction, the rehabilitation and the equipment of schools, hospitals, vocational training centres, small bridges etc. Many people have changed and improved their standard of living.

For more information contact Japan Embassy:
(+237) 22 20 62 02/ 22 20 65 85-PO Box 6868 Yaoundé Bastos Ekoudou.

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