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Apolitical and non-profit-making association governed by Cameroon laws.
Receipt Declaration N° 0000499/RDA/JO6/BAPP of the May 25th 2005

Address: Syjedec Association: P O Box: 13565 Yaoundé Cameroon.
Tel: (+237) 99 97 11 71 / 77 25 43 98
E mail: syjedec@yahoo.fr

Mr Joseph NKOULOU: Executive President.
Mr Alexis KENGNE: Vice President
Miss Anastasie O NDOUA: Secretary general

Syjedec Objectives
The main objectives of Syjedec are:

  • Train urban and rural youth for their social and professional integration
  • Promote social investigations and studies over groups so as know and improve the development dynamic process of the society.
  • Mobilise human, material and financial resources in order to sustain the development of communities, professional and vocational training, and socio professional integration of disadvantaged groups.
  • Promoting citizenship for social welfare through lobbying and advocacy.

The main domains of competences and intervention of the association are:

  • Training and reinforcing capacities
  • Social studies on groups
  • Support for communities development
  • Support to creation of organisations (associations and common initiative groups)
  • Support to projects conception, implementation, and assessment and follow up.
  • Gender Approach Development
  • Support to disadvantaged children.

Location and Zone of intervention
Syjedec has located is head office at Mimboman 2 quarter in Yaoundé and is currently carrying out its in the Centre, Littoral, West and South regions. The association intends to extend its activities in all regions of Cameroon.

Managing organs: General Assembly and Executive Bureau.

Instances Composition
The executive bureau is made of the following functions:

  • An Executive President who is the general coordinator of Syjedec activities
  • A Vice executive President in charge of general administration
  • A Secretary General in charge of treasury
  • An Auditor who is also in charge of Computer and Technical Unit
  • A Responsible of Communication
  • A Responsible of Public Relations.

The General Assembly is made of:

  • The Executive Bureau members
  • The Syjedec Sympathisers (180)

Syjedec Resources:
The head office of the association is equipped with modern computer sets and an internet connexion. Members are mostly high school graduated from social sciences, communication, economy, public relations, computer maintenance, graphics…

2009 Budget: Cfa 07 millions.

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